Sktchy Questions

What is Sktchy?

Sktchy is an artist’s best friend. Find drawing inspiration in an ever-updating gallery of reference photos. Upload your own photos so other artists can draw you. Discover and connect with amazing artists from around the world. Share your creativity in a fun, supportive community. Bye-bye, creative block!

What if I’m not an artist?

Even if you don't call yourself an artist, you have creativity worth sharing with the world, and Sktchy is a fun, no-stress way to get started. The Sktchy community welcomes and includes artists of all skill levels, from gallery-repped professionals to amateur doodlers. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, Sktchy is for you.

How do I draw on Sktchy?

You don't. Sktchy is not a drawing app. It's an ever-updating source of inspiring photos for you to draw, and it's a place for you to share your artwork with the world.

How do I get drawn on Sktchy?

Here are a few tips for getting an artist to draw you:

  • Share an inspiring photo on Sktchy
  • Follow your favorite artists to get their attention
  • Best of all, draw your favorite artists!

How do I upload artwork?

First, find a photo that you want to draw. Next, draw the photo. Finally, upload your drawing via the "Upload Art" button under the photo.

What is the Queue for?

The Queue is a place for you to store photos that you want to draw. To add a photo to your queue, tap the "Add to Queue" button under the photo.

How do I see the photo that inspired a given artwork?

Swipe right on any artwork in the app to view its inspiration.

What if someone draws me in a way I don’t like?

You can untag any artwork in the "Inspired" section of your Profile. Just hold a finger down on the image and then choose "Untag".

How about us Android users?!

Launching Sktchy on Android is one of our biggest goals. Sign up to this newsletter for related updates.

If you have any other questions or comments, please email us.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments, please email us.